Exercise and sleep go hand-in-hand

Fitness is more than exercise, it’s a recipe that combines activity, rest, and recovery.

  1. Move your body daily; a body in motion stays in motion
  2. Limit sitting; sitting is the new smoking — it’s really harmful over time
  3. Create good sleep habits like a consistent bedtime, a quiet dark room, and limited distractions

The Science of Fitness

The studies are ongoing, but scientists agree on some basic truths.

Fitness has a huge impact on your health and well being; it promotes heart health, reduces the risk of diabetes and high cholesterol, reduces depression and anxiety, and yes, even keeps cancer at bay.

Fitness Tracker


Monitor your activity and looks for ways to add more steps and increase your movement during the day.


Move your body and elevate your heart rate for at least 22 minutes a day to promote physical and mental health.

Sleep Mask


Place equal importance on on rest and recovery. Your body needs at least seven hours a night to restore itself.


Exercise during treatment

Loriana walking during chemo

Until quite recently many people believed that it wasn’t safe for most cancer patients to exercise. With few exceptions, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We now know that one day in bed can set you back a week, and one week can set you back one month.

Today’s best practice is to keep moving, even when it seems impossible. 

  • Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. You can walk and do resistance-band training pretty much anywhere
  • Walking is as effective as any other form of exercise when it comes to reducing inflammation and protecting against memory loss and chemo brain.
  • Yoga and tai chi can reduce stress, pain, and anxiety and improve focus

What’s more, studies have shown that exercise can counteract the accelerated aging caused by chemotherapy and works better than medications to reduce cancer-related fatigue.

Sounds like a no brainer to me.


Fit Tips

Everything you need to keep moving during sickness and health.

sleeping man

Why it’s time to invest your sleep

The more I learn about sleep deprivation and its potential connection to cancer growth, the faster I jump into my jammies and run to my bed on time every night.

Woman exercising

Why fitness matters

Being fit is about more than looking and feeling good; it’s about preventing and preparing the body for illness.

working out

The undeniable benefits of exercise

If the benefits of exercise were a pill it would be demanded by patients, prescribed by every doctor and subsidized by the government.

healthy living

The art of healthy living

One thing I’ve learned from fighting cancer is just because you eat well and workout doesn’t mean you “live healthy”.


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