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Broken Piggy Bank

Financial Toxicity: cancer’s “bonus” side effect

Finding ways to ease the financial (and accompanying emotional) burdens on cancer patients and their families benefit cancer care for patients at every stage. Imagine if patients could worry less about affording their medications, and more about remembering to take them.

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Gabe Aldama

How to support children of cancer patients

You know your child better than anyone, and it’s up to you to decide when, how, and what to tell your child based on their developmental level. Just keep lines of communication open and listen to your child’s concerns. Let them know it’s okay to talk and ask questions even if they feel sad or upset.

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Busy mom

How to get (the rest of) your life together

One of the greatest challenges in facing cancer is the fact that you suddenly have a million medical details to manage (appointments, records, bills, medications) and they’re on top of all the regular-life stuff you’re already juggling. Here are some online tools to help you keep the non-cancer parts of your life functioning

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Waving the flag

Get the help you need

Fighting cancer is tough.  Fighting it alone is even tougher.  Asking for help is critical to getting through the journey.

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