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How to get (the rest of) your life together

One of the greatest challenges in facing cancer is the fact that you suddenly have a million medical details to manage (appointments, records, bills, medications) and they’re on top of all the regular-life stuff you’re already juggling. Here are some online tools to help you keep the non-cancer parts of your life functioning smoothly.

Family management apps

When it comes to tracking everyone’s appointments, school and sports schedules, grocery lists, and the who/what/where of the modern family, cozi.com has been the gold standard since 2006. This free app features color-coded calendars, automatic notifications, shared to-do lists and more.

Life360 is another family app which lets you use GPS to literally keep track of everyone in your family group. You’ll know for sure that the kids got picked up from school and the dog got walked. The many safety features help minimize worries.

Grocery and meal delivery services

Taking trips to the grocery store off your task list is a game-changer. Since many supermarkets are regional, delivery options may vary. Check with your favorite local grocer to see if you can get orders delivered via phone or web. Or try the instacart app. This “world’s largest online grocery service”connects you with local shoppers who go to the store for you and deliver your groceries right to your door.

If you’re not picky about how your veggies look, you can get heavily discounted all-organic groceries delivered weekly from online grocer misfitsmarket. By sourcing odd-shaped “funny-looking” produce (that supermarkets typically reject) straight from farmers, they keep both prices and food waste low.

And if you just want to stock your freezer with healthy meals ready in less than 10 minutes, there’s Daily Harvest, where you can order prepared meals and smoothies made from organic fruits and veggies that are frozen immediately after harvest to preserve nutrients.  

Financial organizing tools

There’s a good chance your bank offers online bill paying and auto payments; use these tools to remove recurring household bills from your monthly to-do list. And while you’re at it, consider setting up paperless billing and online payment reminders too. There’s enough paper on your dining room table already.

If you’re drowning in monthly payments you don’t even recognize anymore, from streaming services to old magazine subscriptions you’ve been meaning to get rid of, try rocketmoney.com. Once you get this personal money management app connected, it will help you find unwanted subscriptions and cancel them for you. Now that’s how to delegate!

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