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We help patients everywhere to survive and thrive

Where you live . . . .
Should not determine if you live

Your zip code, your connections, and your ethnicity should not impact your chance of survival​. That's why ArmorUp for Life advocates for underserved communities by providing essential education, whole patient support, access to experts, survivorship skills plus useful tips and advice.

Our work begins long before a cancer diagnosis, and gives patients the tools for success during diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship once it does.

Show up fit for the fight

From high blood pressure and heart disease to diabetes and obesity, people of color already face common risk factors that make it even harder to effectively treat cancer. 

But even if you’re not a person of color, PREhab is for you.


Be Your Own Hero

Its not a matter of if, but when.
Are you ready?

Showing up fit for the fight sets you up for better outcomes. PREhab can change suggested doses, treatment plans, and save lives.


Cancer by the Numbers

Underserved communities suffer from health disparities that are taking their lives in disproportionate numbers. We can make a difference, but it's going to take a village, or as we like to call it, a PREhabilitation Nation.



of health outcomes are due to socioeconomic factors


of Latinos live in poverty with few supermarkets and parks


of Latinos in the US have no health insurance


increase in cancer among Latinos projected by 2030

It's About Time

Rather than asking people to beat the odds, it's time to change the odds!

Brown and black communities need critical attention to address the health inequities and co-morbidities that are taking their lives at alarming rates.


Our Solutions

Be Your Own Hero

This series of 3–4-minute patient education videos supports the key phases of the patient journey.

Each episode features Loriana and expert guests, sharing essential health and lifestyle information that can dramatically change patient outcomes and save lives.

Patient Navigators

ArmorUp for Life's network of experienced Patient Navigators know how to combine their practical experience and database of vetted volunteer resources and cancer experts who are available to be matched with patients in need.

If you're feeling scared and confused, this is the place to come for support.

Mobility Matters

One day in bed will set you back a week. One week in bed will set you back a month.

Mobility is essential to resilience and recovery. That's why ArmorUp for Life provides Mobility Kits to patients in the hospital, including everything a patient needs to get moving and strategies for staying motivated during the journey.

Survivor Retreat

Survival takes work. Our bi-annual destination retreats brings together an ecosystem of survivorship experts to teach and practice essential skills, including psycho-oncology, mindfulness, yoga, cardio, healthy eating, and advocacy.

Participants will be trained to return to their communities and spread the ArmorUp for Life gospel to other survivors.


Pit Crews for Patients

Because no one should have to go it alone.

Surround yourself with the full compliment of resources and support needed to survive and thrive.

Patient Navigator

Help is here

We've got your back
So you can look forward

Let an ArmorUp for Life Patient Navigator accompany you through your entire patient journey and into survivorship. Tap into their expertise and connections to get the support you need, and create your own pit crew.


You survived cancer. Now what?

Escape on a retreat with a team of experts to master essential survival skills and become and ArmorUp for Life Ambassador in your community. 


Upcoming Events

Understanding Cancer

Understanding Cancer

Loriana Hernández Aldama joins Dr. Daniel Hughes and his class at Rice University to share her personal journey of survival and advocacy.

MedExec Women

MedExec Women

Loriana Hernández Aldama delivers the keynote address at the annual MedExec Women conference in Cambridge, MA.

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