We improve patient outcomes by giving people, especially those in underserved communities, the tools and resources they need to reduce their risk of health conditions that make it more difficult to treat and beat cancer.

Loriana before cancer
Loriana during chemo

How I became the story

From Emmy award-winning journalist
To 2x Cancer Survivor

In an instant, I went from living the life to fighting for my life.

In 2014, what I thought was just “overdoing it” at the gym turned out to be AML Leukemia, a blood cancer. There was no stage. It was everywhere.  

To be possible, I had to do the impossible – leave my 18-month-old son and relocate to Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center for a year of  treatment. There I uncovered the biggest story of my career: The Power of PREhab


Why ArmorUp for Life

Be your own hero
How you show up matters

Successful cancer treatment depends on how healthy a patient is from the start. A strong healthy body can handle aggressive medicines, but underlying issues like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity complicate treatment, especially among brown and black people.

We empower people everywhere to be their own hero by staying as healthy as possible and showing up fit for the fight.


Cancer by the Numbers

1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

Will you be one of them? Or someone you love?



of people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime



of newly diagnosed cancer is potentially avoidable



of cancers require toxic chemotherapy



of patient outcomes are due to socioeconomic factors

PREhab to Fab

The PREhab Fab Five

Simple lifestyle changes
That can save your life

Embrace the Fab Five to build your resilience and strength, including clean eatingregular exercise and quality sleepmindfulness, spirituality, financial planning, and wellness screenings.



Eat real, preservative-free food, and skip the refined sugar.




Move your body every day, even if you just go for a walk.




Calm your mind and reduce stress with daily meditation.




Let your faith and community life you up and support you.




From the legal to the practical, take care of the business of life.



Bring lifesaving programs to your community

Join us as we work to create a PREhabilitation Nation and bring essential risk-reduction programs to communities and people in desperate need.

PREhabilitation Nation

It's About Time

Rather than asking people to beat the odds, it's time to change the odds!

Brown and black communities need critical attention to address the health inequities and co-morbidities that are taking their lives at alarming rates.


Pit Crews for Patients

Because no one should have to go it alone.

Surround yourself with the full compliment of resources and support needed to survive and thrive.

Patient Navigator

Help is here

We've got your back
So you can look forward

Let an ArmorUp for Life Patient Navigator accompany you through your entire patient journey and into survivorship. Tap into their expertise and connections to get the support you need, and create your own pit crew.


You survived cancer. Now what?

Escape on a retreat with a team of experts to master essential survival skills and become and ArmorUp for Life Ambassador in your community. 


"You don't have time to waste..."

Watch Loriana's heart-wrenching story for yourself.

Get Fit, ArmorUp

PREhab in Action

Radiation treatment

Skin care during radiation treatment

  • March 19, 2023

When it comes to undergoing radiation for breast cancer the trick is to minimizing skin irritation to the areas of the chest that receive radiation. Too much skin desquamation (peeling) can interrupt or shorten treatment, so it’s important to stay ahead of the game to preserve and protect the

Gabe Aldama

How to support children of cancer patients

  • March 15, 2023

You know your child better than anyone, and it’s up to you to decide when, how, and what to tell your child based on their developmental level. Just keep lines of communication open and listen to your child’s concerns. Let them know it’s okay to talk and ask questions

Worth sharing!
Headed to my speech 🎤 at Rice University with both my loves ❤️ at my side.

Gabriel has been asked to speak as well and then introduce me. What an honor. I’m so excited for this opportunity for him. 

The event “Understanding Cancer” is for med school students, researchers and clinicians and will also be part of the university’s coursera. 

Gabriel worked on his speech as a writing assignment for school with his amazing teacher. 

Can’t wait to hear it live !
Coco 🐶 says night night. ❤️
Lol. In the bed snuggling with Gabriel 🐶
Forgot to get a picture with my love today on our lunch date!! 

But happy Valentine’s boo. Love you! Cesar Osvaldo Aldama

Thank you for the beautiful flowers 🌺 too. Xo 😘
Gabriel’s class picture for Valentine’s Day.  They had a little too much fun!! 
Last year in elementary 🥲

Next year —middle school.
Woke up this morning to this surprise from Gabriel. ❤️

He says “Mommmmm! I have a special surprise for you for breakfast! !!”

Then he delivers these with a smile. 

Homemade chocolate dipped strawberry 🍓 covered with coconut flakes 💕💕💕💕

He melted chocolate in the microwave, chopped up my coconut flakes in the Vitamix and dipped the strawberries 🍓 and rolled them in coconut. 

Love this kid and his heart ❤️ 
He made more but we ate them. Haha.
Saturday was another community service day for Cub Scouts.
Today is World Cancer Day.

In 2022, almost 2 million people were diagnosed with cancer in the United States and a large percentage of those cases impacted the black and latino communities disproportionately.

How can I just “FORGET” that I had cancer and not amplify the patient voice to make the path better for others?

That was the suggestion to me from an oncologist during my appointment this week as I fought Back tears when addressing my fears of recurrence and my cancer related PTSD/depression post AML leukemia and breast cancer.

NO.  We can’t “forget” when we have so much work to do for those too tired to speak and those no longer with us.

NO.  We can’t “forget” when we have care gaps, access issues and health literacy problems. 

So on this World Cancer Day, we honor every single person affected by cancer. 

We honor entire families impacted by the ugly disease. 

Let’s remember —Cancer is NEVER canceled. 

EVERY DAY is World Cancer Day. 

And while we are honoring —  we must pause, recognize, reflect, and honor the global work being done from researchers and oncology teams around the clock and around the world to improve patient outcomes and save lives.  So all of you, my family says THANK YOU!!.


Here’s a pic from one of our celebrations for my 🎉 my transplant.

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