We help the underserved survive and thrive before, during, and after their battle with cancer.

Loriana before cancer
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Survivor & Thriver

From Emmy award winning journalist
To 2x Cancer Survivor

In an instant, Loriana Hernández Aldama went from living the life to fighting for her life when she was diagnosed with AML Leukemia.

She had to do the unimaginable; leave her 18-month-old son with her mother and relocate to Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center for treatment. There she uncovered the biggest story of her career; you’ve got to show up fit for the fight to win.

In 2016 she launched ArmorUp for Life and coined the phrase “PREhab,” to spread the word about simple lifestyle habits that can reduce deadly risk factors and literally save your life. 

Now five years after her second cancer battle Loriana still practices PREhab daily so she can master survival and the challenges that come with it. 

In her new podcast “Stage Free,” Loriana talks with survivorship experts to shed light on the complicated road all survivors must travel.

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With cancer, survivorship begins the day of diagnosis, and continues through treatment and beyond. It can be a long and challenging journey. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with valuable resources and connections to accompany you through survivorship.

Tap into our expertise and connections to get the support you need.


Mastering Survival

We educate, empower, and support survivors and caregivers to live their lives to the fullest.

Stage Free Podcast

With cancer, the journey through survivorship begins at diagnosis.

The Stage Free Podcast is a guide to mastering that journey, and all the bumps along the way. Loriana shares her insights, and personal experiences, along with her friends who are also notable experts and cancer survivors, to make it easier to navigate the complicated road all survivors must travel.

Be Your Own Hero

Practicing PREhab is critical throughout survivorship.

In this video series she shares important health information that everyone should know, including how to practice PREhab so can show up fit for the fight.

Each episode of Be Your Own Hero provides informative, accessible information and practical and actionable steps that improve outcomes.

Survive & Thrive Ambassadors

Mastering Survival requires specialized help, and we're providing it.

This retreat features an array of survivorship experts to teach and practice essential survival skills, including therapy, mindfulness, yoga, cardio, healthy eating, and advocacy.

20 survivors will be trained to return to their communities as ambassadors and help other patients to survive and thrive


Cancer by the Numbers

1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

Will you be one of them? Or someone you love?



of people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime



of cancer survivors have persistent problems and distress



of cancers patients don't get the mental health support they need



of patient outcomes are due to socioeconomic factors


Stage Free

Survivorship... It's complicated

Survivorship comes with its own set of physical, emotional and social challenges.

Join Loriana as she talks with notable experts and other survivors to help you navigate the complicated road all survivors must travel.


"We are all survivors"

Watch Loriana's courageous and heart-wrenching story >

Get Fit, ArmorUp

Mastering Survival

Radiation treatment

Skin care during radiation treatment

  • March 19, 2023

When it comes to undergoing radiation for breast cancer the trick is to minimizing skin irritation to the areas of the chest that receive radiation. Too much skin desquamation (peeling) can interrupt or shorten treatment, so it’s important to stay ahead of the game to preserve and protect the

Gabe Aldama

How to support children of cancer patients

  • March 15, 2023

You know your child better than anyone, and it’s up to you to decide when, how, and what to tell your child based on their developmental level. Just keep lines of communication open and listen to your child’s concerns. Let them know it’s okay to talk and ask questions

The average cancer survivor sees four to five doctors a year...

Imagine having all of your health data at your fingertips... never having to remember what type of tumor you had, what kind of chemo you had, what if any genetic testing you had, and when.

Novellia's going to be a game changer for survivors, healthcare providers, and researchers.

Check out Episode 13 of Stage Free, "Put Your Health Records to Work"

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Oncology nurses bear witness to the traumas we endure along the way, the highs of remission, and the heart-wrenching lows of recurrence. As we oscillate between hope and despair, these adopted family members provide invaluable comfort and support, and they hold the key to patient empowerment.

Join me for a special discussion with Kristy Cheney, Head Nurse of Oncology at Tidelands Health in South Carolina as we discuss the Seven Steps to Patient Empowerment that should be part of every patient's cancer journey.

Check out Episode Ten of the Stage Free Podcast

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Excited to give a lecture tonight to med school students and researchers at RICE about “Understanding Cancer” — sharing a perspective that goes beyond the boundaries of laboratory findings and clinical protocols. 

Also, having a deeper conversation about the impact of delayed diagnosis in our Latinos communities and other communities of color.

Last year we made it there as a family for me to deliver my speech. This year it’s virtual. 

Either way. It’s an honor to educate and inspire future healthcare professionals on the intricate landscape of “Understanding Cancer”
Heartbreaking news to hear that Dexter King, son of Dr. Martin Luther King jr, died of prostate cancer at the young age of 62.

According to the American  Cancer Society 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime but…….. did you know that black men are TWICE as likely to DIE from it than other men. 

Please men… get checked! Get your PSA screenings. 

And women.. If your men aren’t getting checked please push them to do so. 

Prayers for the King family and everyone affected by this ugly disease.
CLEAR SCAN!!!! Amen. God is so good. I wasn’t going to post this video of me making no sense after versed and looking awful but a survivor friends asked me too.  They want others to hear how they struggle. 

I wish my thoughts were more organized to truly break down the mental side of cancer but again —one word —versed had me drugged. lol. 

Back to finding joy between what I call fence posts (traumas). We all have to find joy between whatever traumas or disruptors hit us. 

Choosing joy always wins. 
Thanks for the prayers!!
Not a good picture at all. Clearly, no filter or frills but just truth here.  Tired, cried out  and medicated. lol 😂(let’s give it up for versed and praise Jesus for it too! ) 

You can’t just post the happy stuff.  Reality is missing from social media. 

While privileged to be a survivor, no one prepares for your the trauma of survivorship. The trauma of looking over your shoulder for “things” I won’t type. The PTSD of living between scans and tests. The beep beep beep of machines.  The constant ER visits to “make sure “ it’s not this or that from the long term effects of chemo and rounds of FULL body  radiation.

(The full body radiation-btw-puts you at risk of all cancers despite your genetics. ) 

The trauma cancer patients go through and lack of support -It’s why part of my advocacy platform on stage is psycho oncology that patients need and deserve. 

You can be held hostage by PTSD which sometimes I am or you can find joy. It is a dance that’s hard to do but I find and choose joy. 

It’s why I have to find JOY between these moments of stress. 

I CHOOSE HAPPINESS and love all day every day because when you can — you should. 

Life is too short to waste your energy God gives you each day on an argument or negative energy or negative people. 

Today I’m getting a brain scan MRI with anesthesia because my anxiety can’t handle it any other way.  I had one before without it and nope nope nope. 

Please lift me up in prayer and the doctors, nurses and radiologists who take care of me. 

God is good. I’ll be at Gabriel’s basketball 🏀 game tonight, make up on and feeling like a rockstar. 

That’s how we roll as survivors. We show up every day because life is worth celebrating 🎉
Fighting cancer isn’t just a physical battle, it’s mental and financial. 

The financial toll can cause even more stress and often can force patients to make tough decisions to quit treatment in order to provide for their family. 

Enter the amazing breast cancer survivor, philanthropist and Co-Founder of the Pink Fund, Molly MacDonald who is filling that gap and paying the bills of hundreds and thousands of patients in need. 

Our inspiring and insightful conversation is full of vital survivorship information. 

Check out Episode 12 of the Stage Free Podcast, Financial Toxicity and Cancer.
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We've talked a lot about the physical and emotional challenges that come with a cancer battle, but for many, the financial toll can be equally devastating. Join us as we talk with survivor and philanthropist Molly MacDonald about financial toxicity and cancer; a topic she knows well, both personally and professionally. 
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#stagefree #armorupforlife #prehab #breastcancer #survivorship #masteringsurvival #cancersurvivor #surviveandthrive #cancersupport #knowyourfamilyhistory #patients #ghvd #podcast #pinkfund
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