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Top fitness gifts for patients with cancer

Mobility matters, especially when you're sick. Here's a list of the best gifts to give to someone who is in the hospital fighting cancer.

So many people from around the globe reached out to me and asked how they can help cancer patients. Here is a list of gifts I suggested. It is also the list of items ArmorUp for LIFE has handed out to cancer patients.

  • Fitness tracker
  • Sneakers/tennis shoes to walk
  • Socks
  • Athletic wear (easy to access with a catheter or to take on/off, like a sweatshirt with a zipper)
  • Women’s jogging bras or children’s tanks (easy for unexpected MRI’s)
  • Women’s and men’s underwear (hospital disposable ones are horrible!)
  • Robes
  • Workout tops (sleeveless)
  • Pants (yoga types)
  • Hand weights or exercise bands. I used hand weights at times but it all depends on where the catheter (Hickman or PICC line to run the chemo) is placed. You can’t put pressure by lifting weights. This is a decision the doctors need to agree on.
  • Flip flops—for using in the room to protect you from germs on the floor
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