Three years ago I found the lump that would turn out to be breast cancer. I was at one of the fittest stages of my life, very active, at a great weight, eating healthy.

I remember one of my Doctors telling me than other than the cancer, I was healthy. I found that phrase tremendously disingenuous. I felt that all my years of exercise and clean eating that started when I was a child were for nothing! However, after hearing your story, I recognize how important it was.

I was healthy, so my surgery didn’t had any complications and my recovery was great.

I kept walking during chemo, we had #arsedrag which kept me with a circle of other patients encouraging each other to exercise, and that help me to manage the chemo side effects.

I had never smoked, so my lungs didn’t had any previous damage and radiation was better tolerated.

Thank you for helping me to reframe this story.

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