Loriana Hernandez Aldama

Loriana Hernández Aldama


Emmy award-winning journalist, international speaker, 2x cancer survivor, and author of Becoming the Story: The Power of PREhab, Loriana Hernandez-Aldama is a powerhouse motivational speaker with a gift for storytelling that inspires audiences and compels action.

Bold, transparent, and tenacious, with an eye for a good story, Loriana has become a game changer in the wellness space by sharing the painful journey that ripped her away from her young family and successful career as a network news anchor and medical correspondent and nearly destroyed her.

Back in 2014, Loriana was living her best life; she was a new wife and mom with a thriving career and a very healthy lifestyle. But in an instant her hectic, high-pressure world came crashing down; what she thought was “overdoing it” at the gym turned out to be AML Leukemia. She gathered her strength and connections, quarantined from her 2-year-old son for an entire year, fought for her life, and won.

Along the way, she went from telling other people’s stories to becoming the story. In fact, this story became the biggest of her career; she learned firsthand that PREhab® matters; how we show up for an illness can mean the difference between life and death. Her near-fatal experience made national headlines and gained her a global following of other survivors seeking support.

Ultimately, Loriana beat Leukemia with the help of a bone marrow transplant from her sister. And on the 5th anniversary of her release from the hospital she received the most unexpected gift — Breast Cancer. It turned out her transplant had made her more susceptible to getting other cancers. But once again, Loriana didn’t just beat the odds. She changed them.

Today, Loriana leverages her 20+ years of on-air experience and her personal journey of overcoming two cancers to coach executives about the importance of prioritizing their own well-being. As a keynote speaker and patient advocate, she helps others reach their state of possible; she has addressed the FDA and the Mass BIO’s Hallmark Conference; she inspires global sales teams at Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer to ArmorUp for Life’ she has moderated panels with C-Suite executives on clinical trial diversity and co-authored several abstracts with researchers in the cancer space.

Above all, Loriana knows there’s no time like the present to Prepare, Present, and Prevail® — her new book Becoming the Story: The Power of PREhab will inspire and empower you to do just that.

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