Patient Navigator

Patient Navigators

Cancer can be scary, and a good patient navigator makes all the difference in the world. But we’ve noticed that there just aren’t enough of these essential supporters to go around. That’s why we’re creating a network of Virtual Patient Navigators to guide cancer patients through their very personal

Mobility Kits

Mobility Kits

Mobility is essential to survival. Our mobility kits include everything a patient needs to get moving in the hospital including a bag to hang on their IV poll, a fitness tracker, exercise clothes, and more. ArmorUp for Life Mobility Kits will also provide tips and strategies for staying fit

Survivorship Retreat

Survivorship Retreats

Our bi-annual survivorship retreats bring together an ecosystem of experts to teach and practice essential post-cancer survival skills, including psycho-oncology, mindfulness, yoga, cardio, healthy eating, and advocacy. 20+ Survivor participants will be taken on each high-end retreat and trained to go back into their communities and spread the ArmorUp

Be Your Own Hero TV

Be Your Own Hero

This series of 3–4-minute patient education videos explains all of the elements of PREhabilitation, including diet, mobility, mindfulness, faith, and life admin. Each Be Your Own Hero episode aims to improve health literacy and provide useful and easy-to-understand information and practical steps that will better position underserved communities to

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