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Clean up your diet and your health

As a 2x cancer survivor, I know firsthand that eating healthy can literally save your life. Clean up your diet today and reap the benefits.

For as long as I can remember clean eating has been a huge part of my world.

As a journalist, I sought out top experts in the field and picked their brains. With every interview, I grew more and more knowledgeable and I was compelled to share everything I learned with viewers and friends on Facebook.

As a two-time cancer survivor, I know firsthand that eating healthy can literally save your life, and the need to share what I know is more urgent.

That’s the origin of my personal battle cry to #ArmorUpforLIFE — I am asking everyone to take their eating and their health to the next level.

Some Suggestions:

  • Challenge yourself to eat healthy, eat clean and feel better
  • Read the labels, eat food with few ingredients
  • If you can’t pronounce each ingredient it’s likely your body can’t recognize them or process them properly
  • Cut the white flour, cut out the sodas, cut out the food dyes, additives, preservatives, synthetics and chemical products
  • Go back to the way eating used to be before food manufacturers started adding so much processed junk to our food
  • Go back to a time when everything was grown in the garden and wasn’t sprayed… when it was organic
  • Look for locally grown, organically grown food
Roll back the clock with your diet, and give yourself a longer, healthier life.

As you transition to your new healthier life, I invite you to share your progress and insights below. Try overhauling some of your favorite recipes, to make them cleaner, and post them here. Tell the #ArmorUp for LIFE® community if you find a great new healthy product, or something else we should avoid. Let’s make this community driven and help one another #ArmorUpforLIFE. 

BTW, you can make some yummy desserts WITHOUT sugar just by substituting pureed figs, brown rice syrup or maple syrup. 

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