Are you a cancer survivor? Do you want to inspire others in the middle of the fight? If so, I want to hear from you!


I’m searching for 100 amazing cancer survivor stories to share with others in the fight. I know together we can inspire those who find themselves on this same terrifying journey. Your story can and will change lives. If you are a survivor, you know how important of a role the mind has in this battle too. Please help.

I’m a former news Anchor/Health & Wellness Reporter for FOX News in Austin Texas and now bone marrow transplant survivor after battling Leukemia for more than a year. While I was fighting for my life in the hospital I saw there was a desperate need for positive stories and positive energy to keep me going. I had it— Enough of the stories on loss and the wheels turning in my head of possibly never seeing my child again! I needed to know SURVIVING was possible.

I also knew that the more fit you are, the stronger the dose of chemo you can tolerate and stronger your chances are for survival. So, I thought, why not make this fight a win-win for everyone. I launched an #ArmorUp for LIFE Campaign and a 100 Day Challenge.

lori_cesar For the next 100 days friends committed to improving their lives through diet and exercise and in return I fought harder and was motivated as I read all their amazing positive stories of success. The impact this challenge had on my strength and outlook was AMAZING!! I finally had something to look forward to instead of the next bag of chemo. Everyday I couldn’t wait to wake up and read life changing stories. Instead of sharing who they lost to cancer with me, my friends shared how their first 5k run was, or their first yoga class felt, or how their first green smoothie tasted. The challenge made me laugh, smile and rejoice. We were inspiring each other to get well. We were a team in a big battle and a big fight.

I want others who will find themselves on this same journey to have the tools to #ArmorUp for LIFE and your story will help. I’m not trying to ignore the truth behind these ugly diseases, those stories need to be told one day too and in a different forum. Right now, I’m trying to help those IN THE FIGHT to FIGHT and FOCUS on LIFE. YOUR STORY of survival will give a patient hope, courage and strength to #ArmorUp for LIFE and fight on.

Please email me your answers the questions below along with at least one high resolution picture from your journey.

  • What were your original symptoms and how long were they overlooked?
  • What type of cancer were you diagnosed with?
  • What was treatment like for you?
  • How hard was the fight for you?
  • What did you learn on your journey?
  • How did you stay positive?
  • What is your message to other patients as they read this in the middle of THEIR fight.

NOTE: You can submit up to 3 pictures; before, during, and after.