Amy Katzenberg, Executive Director

Amy Katzenberg

Amy Katzenberg is a creative, omnichannel marketer and c-suite executive with more than 30 years of experience in the publishing, entertainment, and healthcare space. She began her career at Conde Nast and spent more than a decade working at various WPP agencies, including Grey Healthcare Group where she created,

Loriana Hernandez Aldama

Loriana Hernández Aldama

Emmy award-winning journalist, international speaker, 2x cancer survivor, and author of Becoming the Story: The Power of PREhab, Loriana Hernandez-Aldama is a powerhouse motivational speaker with a gift for storytelling that inspires audiences and compels action. Bold, transparent, and tenacious, with an eye for a good story, Loriana has

Wendy Hasbrouck

Wendy Hasbrouck

Wendy got her start as a patient advocate 12 years ago when her husband was diagnosed withStage 4 Metastatic Melanoma. Using her personal network, she was able to find the right cancer team totreat her husband. Through persistence and attention to detail, she was able to help himnavigate through

Lisa Scarbrough

Lisa Scarbrough

Lisa Scarbrough is a breast cancer survivor, patient advocate, writer, and program coordinator at ArmorUp for Life. Lisa has a masters in early education and spent more than 15 years in the classroom as a teacher and ESL working with underserved communities.   While Lisa’s first career was beyond rewarding,

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