Our Mission

When I battled leukemia I had no idea I would stay for one year. I packed for 3 days. I was given a gown and slippers and basically told “Good luck. We will try to save you and oh.. the more you walk the better your chances of survival.” You can’t fight cancer in a gown and slippers and you certainly can’t stay fit. What I needed was bright workout gear (shirts, shoes, fitness trackers) to make me feel strong and empower me to get up and walk and stay positive. I asked and donations came pouring in. Those clothes help save me and gave me hope. Today, I want every cancer patient to have everything they need to get fit and stay fit while in the fight.


I also learned that the the more fit you are when you show up for this battle, the stronger the dose of chemo you can and ultimately the better you can fight.

From that day on, I launched the ArmorUp for LIFE Campaign with a 2 tiered mission: Prepare YOU for the fight in case you find yourself facing a life threatening illness and help those IN the fight.

We want to empower millions to become their own HERO and look at life through a different perspective and make better decisions about life with diet, exercise, lifestyle, spiritual and financial fitness NOW for whatever challenge you may face. In return, the money raised will give cancer patients already IN the fight the toolkits they need stay to ArmorUp for LIFE.

**Donations also go to the leukemia and lymphoma society to help fund research for a cure and to be the match to help add more donors to the registry. **

Our goal is to help springboard the ArmorUp for LIFE movement across the globe. If you are a business in the health/wellness/athletic industry and would like to partner with ArmorUp for LIFE to help make a difference in the lives of cancer patients, please email us at lorianahernandeza@gmail.com