ArmorUp for LIFEUp is about prevention. It’s not just getting fit to fight. It’s trying to avoid the fight again and my doctor says for me that means no hair color. 

Since My oncologist won’t let me color my hair (ever!) and my hair is growing out so curly it’s insane I decided to keep it short for now. I refuse to have long gray hair. 
 i was trying to grow it out but needed it to look good for sone things I’m doing on camera so I had to cut it! 
My doctor has even said no to henna. In his words “it changes the property of your hair so the answer is no.”

Here’s my New haircut from StleMeBar Tracey Dunning Garcia yes Style on Demand. They come to you. I called this week because I had something important to do and needed my hair cleaned up. Booked my appointment and like magic they show up at my house. Love and proud of my BFF for her awesome business.

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  • Gayle Short says:

    I love your hair!!! With your beautiful smile you can do anything and look fabulous. I loved you on FOX and so glad that I was able to keep up with your journey here. God bless you and your beautiful family and continue to pray for you every single night.

    Hugs & Love,
    Gayle Short
    Formerly from Austin, TX and now back home in San Antonio

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