muscle_toneFighting cancer?  Ask your friends to #ArmorUp for LIFE and fight with you by starting a 100 DAY CHALLENGE to improve their health as you improve yours.  Start a FB page, get on twitter.. make this a movement for better health.  Ask your friends to share positive stories about how they are each getting fit.  The stories of success will give your strength to get up and fight.. to walk and push forward when you feel you have nothing left to fight.

After spending most of 2014 in the hospital fighting for my life and battling Leukemia I am finally home and recovering from bone marrow transplant.  I am a survivor still in the fight as my new bone marrow settles.  EVERY DAY IS A GIFT.

The 100 Day Challenge idea was born out of the depression I faced in the hospital.

The bone marrow transplant was risky.  After spending most of the year in the hospital to fight Leukemia into remission, my cancer was on its way back.  The transplant was urgent.  Surviving the first 100 days were critical. 

I was scared to death of death and yet many who reached out and tried to comfort me didn’t realize their stories of why cancer mattered to them left me more depressed.  Why? Because they were stories about loss.  Stories I couldn’t mentally handle. Stories that set me back emotionally and left me in tears. 

Those friends never meant to upset me.  They did share stories with a good heart but I knew I had to flip the switch and focus my mind on the positive.  The mind is a powerful tool in this fight.   So I thought, “What if I challenged everyone to take the 100 Day Challenge and as I fight, they challenge themselves to get fit and eat clean?” “What if we created a fight page and they shared all their positive success stories to make me smile and make me happy?”  Well IT WORKED!!  Every day I would log on and instead of hearing about loss I would read amazing success stories about those living LIFE and perhaps adding years to their life… messages like  “I walked 5 miles today for you! #ArmorUp for LIFE”  “I cleaned up my diet and lost 10 lbs for you!”  “I did my first 10k.”  The stories were AMAZING!!

So today I encourage you and anyone fighting cancer to ask your friends to “TAKE THE #ARMORUP 100 DAY CHALLENGE” and fight this battle as a team.  Start a Facebook page and instead of sharing any stories about loss.. tell your family and friends to share all about what they gained from taking charge their health.   It will make you smile that something good can come out of something so bad.  It will boost your spirits and give you the strength to fight on and fight hard! 

You got this! You can do it.  #ArmorUp for LIFE… xo

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